Gaia & Cassidy Rain

9 10 2012

Gaia and her daughter, Cassidy Rain, formerly with Grey/Traveler’s band, now are with Storm’s band, which previously consisted just of Roja and her yearling son, Killian.

Pretty mama and baby girl.

Isn’t it strange to see a foal turning not lighter but darker?? (In our basin of dominant greys, it is!) Now she’s the rich, dark brown of her sire, Cinch. The question is: Will she stay this color?



2 responses

9 10 2012
Puller Lanigan

I think she will stay that dark color. Poor Gaia obviously has to find the ‘right man’ since losing Cinch. Hope Storm is that guy. I gather he is younger than Traveler?

9 10 2012

Much. Storm is 4. (Same age as Gaia.) But that’s a very human-centric way of looking at things. Who’s to say Cinch – the first stallion to have her other than the stallion that raised her (Bounce) – was the “right man”? Traveler, with his age and experience, holds a very stable band. Storm, young as he is, has not managed to hold a mare longer than a few months. It’s “live in the moment” in the horse world.

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