15 11 2012

Baby got ‘tude! šŸ™‚

Miss Cassidy Rain is one sassy filly!

When I first saw them, from quite a distance, Cassidy was a dark shape at the feet of … stepdaddy Storm! Roja and Killian were grazing some distance away from them, and mama Gaia was really far away. Anyone watching would have thought Storm was Cassidy’s mother. But no, this young stepdaddy was protecting his baby stepdaughter, watching over her as she napped so mama could graze. Does that melt your heart or what? And that’s what daddies do. Just another wild day in the basin.



4 responses

15 11 2012
Prairie girl

I’d give anything to have seen that…LOVE!

15 11 2012

Isn’t she fabulous? šŸ™‚

15 11 2012

What a beauty! I love the second and third photos. Many thanks for sharing!

20 11 2012
Pat Amthor

Great action!

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