Winter shine

27 01 2022

Just a coupla beautiful mustang girls, napping in the winter sunlight. 🙂 Piedra and Kestrel have been friends since Piedra was young and Kestrel even younger (a baby!). They haven’t always been in the same band, but they have been for the last several years.



6 responses

27 01 2022

I like the story you share of the horses lives and the fact that you have been with them for a long time.

1 02 2022

Oh, me, too … though it’s hard to believe! 🙂

27 01 2022

Hey there Piedra and Kestrel😊Good to see you!


1 02 2022


27 01 2022
Sue E. Story

A couple of BFFs reflecting winter in stunning fashion!

1 02 2022

They’re BFFs for sure!

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