Sunset saunter

29 01 2022

Dundee, Rowan and Aiyanna, our Sand Wash Basin beauties, are very much at home in Spring Creek Basin. They’re still with their stallion, Buckeye, who is a laidback kinda guy.



7 responses

29 01 2022
Karen Ann Schmiede

Love these pretty girls! Glad they have settled in well!

1 02 2022

Mustangs are so adaptable. I love to see them doing well. 🙂

29 01 2022

Good to see them !

1 02 2022

I wish you’d been able to see them when you were here. Maybe at a distance? You just have to make another visit! 🙂

29 01 2022
Sue E. Story

Such a beautiful picture of our new girls trundling the grounds of Spring Creek Basin in that gorgeous light of sundown!

1 02 2022

They really make any background look fabulous, eh? 🙂

11 02 2022

So great that Buckeye has them.

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