26 08 2021

A happy and cheerful bonus from the recent rains: sunflowers!

Corazon thinks so, too!

When any of the horses encounters one of the yellow-petaled beauties, they’re quick to eat them.



7 responses

26 08 2021

LOL, that is a cheerful and happy photo….love the comment, ‘….and then they eat them.’

26 08 2021

Such a clear photo . I remember my horse , Sleepy, eating the beautiful sunflowers!

26 08 2021

What a great picture. Good morning Corazonđź’—


26 08 2021
Karen Ann Schmiede

Beautiful picture! Love those pintos!

26 08 2021
Martha Kennedy

Would you mind if I painted this? It’s beautiful.

26 08 2021

LOVE this, TJ, this is a great pic!

26 08 2021
Sue E. Story

Ha! I’ve never tasted those petals – it appears the mustangs know something we don’t! Here I thought sunflowers were just a treat for the eyes, and they have been gorgeous this year with all the rain. Nice to see you have some out there too, TJ!

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