Earthly beauty

23 08 2021

The day after our full day of rain, we had some blue back in our sky. In other directions, the smoke was only too noticeable (it wasn’t missable, unfortunately), but coppery red Gaia against the blue sky with Temple Butte in the background is – smooch! – perfection!



6 responses

23 08 2021

TJ, your enthusiasm is infectious !!! Love the posts and the rain !!

23 08 2021


23 08 2021
Marytherese Ambacher

Hurray for moisture! Keep it coming Mother Nature! Green in time for your patents visit.

23 08 2021
Karen Ann Schmiede

What a lovely girl she is!

23 08 2021


23 08 2021
Sue E. Story

Copper and blue – it IS perfect, TJ.

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