Happy Father’s Day!

20 06 2021

Happy Father’s Day to all the great dads out there – wild and otherwise! Their strength protects us from the moment we’re born, and they guide us through all the stages of our lives, steady and stalwart. Happy Dad’s Day – especially to mine! 🙂

Photoshoot shenanigans

19 06 2021

Piedra was posing shyly for her photoshoot while her band grazed around her.

Then she became aware that some other bodies were stealing the spotlight behind her:

Those silly ponies! 🙂

Mohawk rocker

18 06 2021

Ol’ Mr. Blue Eyes apparently liked Storm’s fashionable hair-do from last year, so now he’s rockin’ his own mohawk. 🙂

Short, dark and handsome

17 06 2021

A bit of late-evening light, and Maiku glows like the good-looking boy he is!

Observing the observer

16 06 2021

Madison stops to check the wide, far range as her family moseys on in their grazing. She seems to be looking at a couple of bands in wildcat valley (can you see the one band by the very visible white dot in the yonder distance?).

No threat was posed, and off she went, grazing and moseying, family around her.

Top of my world

15 06 2021
Upper Disappointment Valley from Dawson Draw Road.

From high on the south side of Disappointment Valley, this is part of the amazing view looking eastish. Lone Cone is the prominent lone (!) peak in the far center background. Brumley Point and Temple Butte are visible at left.

Upper Disappointment Valley and beyond from Dawson Draw Road. Lone Cone and Groundhog Mountain visible

Layers and layers and layers of magnificence. Disappointment Road is visible in the middle distance and at far right. San Miguel Mountains in the center distance, and Groundhog Mountain slightly nearer to the right.

Spring Creek Basin from Dawson Draw Road above Disappointment Valley

And looking down into my heart’s own home ground: Spring Creek Basin. Round Top and Knife Edge are visible from here … and all the millions of other unnamed (or named only by me) places I traverse in my travels to see the mustangs. There actually are horses in this pic, though I’m not sure they show up in this very long and very far cellphone view. 🙂 Do they need to? The magic of knowing they’re there is enough.

Wisdom of pinon and mustang

14 06 2021

Storm does know how to strike a pose under the spreading pinon tree.

Busy azz a bee

13 06 2021

The cacti are among Spring Creek Basin’s most prolific wildflower producers.

The bees are happy, happy.

Gnatty, knotty girl

12 06 2021

What a dirty girl! Reya’s been living wild and free, and if she takes a spa day now and then, to help ward off those pesky gnats (!), who’s to blame her?!

Black and white in the golden light

11 06 2021

It’s very hard to get laidback, nonchalant Corazon to look my way with his “wild stallion” look. That’s not to say he’s not alert and ever watchful … just that he disdains my human presence as not much worthy of note (which is OK by me).