Busy azz a bee

13 06 2021

The cacti are among Spring Creek Basin’s most prolific wildflower producers.

The bees are happy, happy.



8 responses

13 06 2021
Karen Schmiede

What a great picture! Love those busy little bees!

14 06 2021

They sure were busy this year with the wildflowers that did bloom!

13 06 2021

Good there are bees there. Not many here!

14 06 2021

Lots of buzzies here. 🙂

13 06 2021
Sue E. Story

Aren’t those cati flowers pretty this year! And whoa….that looks to be a BIG bee…or maybe a wasp? Either way, give him a wide birth. 😊

14 06 2021

The flowers ARE pretty this year, and prolific! And the four o’clock is ASTOUNDING! BIG clumps of leaves and flowers.

14 06 2021

Amazing to see this beautiful delicate flower and bee in the harsh desert environment.

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14 06 2021

The cacti are pretty well adapted to the desert environment. 🙂 The flowers soften the spines … for a short time anyway.

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