Water catchment: phase 1, day 4

3 06 2021

This was the last day of work a couple of days ago because – wonder of wonders! – we got nearly a full day of drizzle that Friday. To catch you up, the tanks are now installed, and the trenches mostly dug, so the guys put together the pipes from the tanks to a main line, then connected that line to a line down to the location where the trough will be located.

The guys brought a length of heavy-duty plastic culvert, and Daniel and I cut it in 4.5-foot lengths to serve as valve protectors. He also cut little “mouse holes” so the pipe could sit down on the dirt over the valve and pipe.

See how it goes? The dirt around the tanks then was filled to just below the top of the culvert section, and Daniel will construct lids so no critters fall in (remember snakey?).

There’s Jim with the tools of the piping trade: primer and glue and the sawzall for cutting lengths of PVC pipe.

See how it’s all going together? Culverts like that seen at the end tank will go over the rest of the tanks, too.

Mike and Daniel then talked about how to attach the black hose (not as supple as a garden hose, bendier than the PVC). That’s the one that will run from the end of the pipe – which comes straight out of the tank at my immediate right and is immediately below me – down the slope to the eventual trough.

Daniel and Jim attached the black hose and tightened it with clamps while Mike supervised.

It should be noted that it was EXTRAORDINARILY WINDY that day, and the dust and dirt and sand and silt was in the glue and primer. Hopefully that will just make the “welds” extra sticky (!?).

Here we are looking down the slope (it doesn’t look like much, does it?) along the trench from the tanks (behind me) to the location of the trough. The last piece of culvert will help protect the pipe and fittings as it comes up out of the ground … from, you know, freezing weather … curious mustangs … that kind of thing. 🙂

Mike and Garth had their coordinated shoveling in sync to fill in the trench over the pipe from the tanks. You can see a bit of the dust from the wind, as well as the culverts in place over each valve at each tank.

Now all four of our guys – Mike at left, Jim and Garth at right and Daniel on the excavator – are working to cover the pipe trench (this is looking back up the slope from the trough location to the tanks) and the holes where the tanks sit.

The tanks and their valve-protector culverts in place, still to be filled with dirt.

Get to shovelin’, Daniel! 🙂

Garth was back on the excavator to push dirt over the pipe trench and into the tank holes. They had to be careful not to crumple the plastic tanks. By this time of working at the site, the dirt was sooooo powdery.

And *just like that* (!), the guys were almost done with phase 1 of the newest water-catchment project in Spring Creek Basin! I want to be sure to mention that all the trenches and holes were covered before they left. They did some more smoothing of the dirt Monday when they returned to retrieve the excavator.

Just a few days later, the first band of horses was checking things out:

There’s no water yet, ponies, but soon!

The next phase will be the construction of the roof structure over the tanks.

Huge thanks to Mike Jensen (our most excellent herd manager), Garth Nelson, Daniel Chavez and Jim Cisco for all their work! We really do have the BLM’s best here in Disappointment Valley! The sun was bright, the wind was strong, but the gnats were blown away (!). Phase 2 will be a little toastier … !



9 responses

3 06 2021

This is VERY exciting!! 😁😁😁

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4 06 2021

Indeed, it is!

3 06 2021

CONGRATULATIONS and THANKS to everybody involved!

4 06 2021

Thanks, Uncle Tom!

3 06 2021

Remarkable work !!! What a wonderful project 🙂

4 06 2021

It’s going to be awesome to have a water source in that area of the basin. 🙂

3 06 2021
Sue E. Story

It’s just amazing to watch all this take shape! It’s also amazing – or more like disturbing – to see how bone-dry it is and how deep. Those water catchments are going to be priceless.

4 06 2021

True and true. 🙂 😦 !!! I’m so glad this catchment is going in. Mike said we’ll likely start the second one this fall.

4 06 2021

Just wanted to update that the guys were back in the basin this week for some more work on the new catchment, so pix will be coming soon. I told them all how appreciative readers are of their work and partnership for the mustangs, and they enjoyed hearing that. 🙂 They’re such GOOD guys!

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