Colorado-style spring

28 03 2020


Shadow the always feisty cavorts through the weird, random, wild, crazy and WONDERFUL snow squall we got yesterday in Spring Creek Basin. It didn’t last, and it didn’t stick (here – though it did, ever-so-briefly – lower in Disappointment Valley), but it brought us just a skosh of moisture, and we have to be grateful for every little smidge we get.

Thanks to all who crossed fingers, thumbs and toes, said prayers and danced jigs for us to get moisture!



4 responses

28 03 2020
Sue Story

I thought the radar looked suspiciously like something was going on down there in your neck of the woods! So glad to see that, TJ. And even just a “skosh” of moisture sends us all “cavorting” with joy! 😊

28 03 2020

True! In all ways! 🙂 We had a little “trace” of snow on the ground this morning that melted quickly.

28 03 2020

Maybe Shadow was dancing for moisture and it worked!

28 03 2020

Ha! I think you’re right! 🙂

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