After snow, our world of snow

30 12 2019


When our lives depend on moisture that falls frozen in the winter, to be hoarded for the heat and dry of summer, this kind of view tends to make us giddy with happiness … with relief.

At the end of a full day of glittering snow falling, falling on our land, the sun blazed through a clear blue sky as long yesterday as it was hidden the day before. Temperatures were cold – and the beauty, divine.

As the calendar year rushes toward its close, I wish for you all joy in the beauty of your world, wherever you may be.



4 responses

30 12 2019

More snow coming to you I hope,

30 12 2019

❤ ❤

30 12 2019
Karen Schmiede

Let it snow!

30 12 2019
Sue Story

Things are looking so good out there…and we pray for even more white landscapes to come before the “heat and dry of summer.”

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