31 01 2017


Even knowing something was there – because the mustangs all had alerted – it took a while for me to locate these two coyotes on the snowy hillside of bachelor ridge in Spring Creek Basin. They’re hunted mercilessly in this part of the country, but I enjoy seeing them. They’re no threat to the wily mustangs. 🙂



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31 01 2017
Kathryn Wilder

And they’re actually no threat to cattle, either, and are helpful in controlling populations of smaller critters that dig big holes, and and and… Great pic!

31 01 2017
Sue Story

I love these “dogs,” and yes,TJ, they are hunted mercilessly. I don’t understand it, but I’m always encouraged by how resilient they are. They look good on that hill! 🙂

31 01 2017

Another puzzle pic, Those mustangs are smart and those coyotes are also.

2 02 2017

Good mousing! Love coyotes. Seriously. When I worked with a national group, I rescued one 40 years ago Unfortunately, she couldn’t be re-released as an adult. But lived to age 14 in comfort. I met many interesting people through her, including 103 year old Lila Brooks, the ‘Coyote Lady’ in CA. I then rescued a coydog, whom I had for 11 years. She too was an interesting canine. Far safer around livestock than my neighbors dogs and my shepherds and many domestic breeds of dogs.

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