Grey and white on white

29 01 2017

Skywalker, Filly Peak

Skywalker shines on a beautiful day in Spring Creek Basin. We had marvelous sunshine … then a couple of waves of snow went through … then we had marvelous sunshine again.

And mustangs. Always, always mustangs. 🙂



4 responses

29 01 2017

So handsome against the colors of winter! I’m love seeing his colors change to grey.

29 01 2017

Truly a gift for me today TJ!! Thank you, he brings me such a sense of Peace and all that is good in our World, his freedom to be who he is meant to be, especially on a day when peoples freedom is questioned, even here in the USA

29 01 2017

So beautiful!!!!

29 01 2017
Sue Story

Oh my gosh, he is so, so beautiful, TJ, and in that color coordinated setting, you’ve captured just an exceptional portrait of one of my favorite guys! Be still my beating heart! 🙂

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