Head high

29 06 2016

Copper and Skywalker

Copper leaves the scene of a chat with young Skywalker.


“Ms. Toad” had quite a “wild ride” getting out of Spring Creek Basin yesterday afternoon – when it RAINED!

A BLM seasonal employee, a Southwest Conservation Corps intern and I were monitoring vegetation in the basin when the sprinkles started. Pretty soon, the rain sprinkles were sprinkled with ice pellets. We pulled up stakes (literally) and headed for the vehicles. A long, muddy walk later, we were soaked and slip-sliding down the road in a truck and Jeep.

A long, muddy, river-road drive later (spraying water everywhere), we were kicking up dust on the road outside the basin. Fortunately, that area got rain later in the evening.

We’re pretty ecstatic still this morning. 🙂 Thanks for the rain dances. We sure needed this wonderful shower!



3 responses

29 06 2016
Sue Story

Do the talents of mustangs ever end – now “rain dances!”:) Glad you and your companion and the mustangs got to experience that elusive phenomenon called rain…and escaped unscathed!

29 06 2016
Kathryn Wilder

Not a drop on the other side of the mountain, but so great we got rain out there! I think Skywalker is moonwalking in this pic :-). And Copper–maybe he’s flying to the moon? He best hightail it back to his Shadow-side or another young buck might take advantage of the situation….

29 06 2016

RAIN, wonderful!! Young Skywalker continues to lighten up – I cannot believe how light his head has become – TJ, you said he would be a Grey – in my home office, each day I see the beautiful photo of Black Skywalker with his white blaze snuggling with Mom Raven – my Sister took it when she visited. This was our reason for coming out three years ago was to meet Skywalker, Raven and Sundance. Thank you TJ for sharing the growing up years of Skywalker.

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