The haze of heat

24 06 2016

Comanche, Spring Creek canyon

Baby, it’s hot out there. Temperatures are in the hundreds with nary a teaser of rain. The gnats are ferocious, and only head nets seem to keep them at bay.

“I think I saw a cloud … yesterday. … It hung around a minute … then just blew away …” ~ more great lyrics by Dave Stamey. Well, great if we didn’t identify so fully with them!

The mustangs are tough. Temps eventually ease, and rain eventually comes. Can’t be too soon …



4 responses

24 06 2016

Is that Comanche? Fabulous photo! Sorry about the heat, but it is summer.

26 06 2016

And it’s a “dry” heat … 🙂 We’ll send our 105-plus-degree days to you if you’ll send some rain to us!

24 06 2016
Sue Story

Hoping for some monsoon for the mustangs…and for us!

26 06 2016

Thank you! Yes, we’re doing monsoon dances. 🙂

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