Runnin’ wild

20 06 2016


“Dreams are like horses … they run wild on the earth …” ~ Dave Stamey

We mustang lovers know the truth of those words. 🙂

Happy Father’s Day!

19 06 2016


To all our dads, thank you for your guidance and protection and education and support – and everything else you have given us to make us who we are. Hopefully we are people who pay all those attributes forward, to our own children and/or to the people (and animals) around us.

To my dad: Thank you for being my dad. I couldn’t have a better one. 🙂 I love you!

Curious George

18 06 2016


Young mister Kwana is Spring Creek Basin royalty; he’s a grandson of our beloved Grey/Traveler. With those baby blues, he’s sure to capture the attention of many mares in the future. For now, he’s hanging with the boys and living the carefree wild life of a bachelor.

Beauty ’n light

17 06 2016

Maia, Alegre and Houdini

Oh, the loveliness. And the light ain’t half bad, either. 🙂


16 06 2016

Hayden, Filly Peak

Hayden searches for a crossing of the arroyo that’s immediately to his right. The wind has created a haze in the air between us and Filly Peak, but the low, late light makes him gleam like burnished copper.

Grey ’n greyer

15 06 2016

Maia and Houdini

Maia and Houdini aren’t related (that I know of), but they’re close pals, despite a vast difference in their ages.


14 06 2016


Spectacular Skywalker and impressive Brumley Point dress up the landscape in Spring Creek Basin. (Sorry to mix movie names, but the alliteration got the best of me.)


Apologies for the delay of this morning’s post. The traveling bug took hold of me, and I didn’t schedule quite enough posts!

Long shot

13 06 2016

Hayden and Ty have a chat while Hollywood grazes in the foreground.

Way out in the far yonder, Hayden and Ty are having a chat while Hollywood and his band graze in the nearby peaceful place.

Bringin’ out her dapples

12 06 2016


Speaking of beautiful … really, do we need an excuse, ever??

Gorgeous Kestrel in late, late early-summer light – she almost seems to glow, eh?

Ridge view

11 06 2016


Mustangs pull off “the mosey” better than any other horses. They just look so darn good doing it! Young Kwana sure looks like his grandpa.