Golden highlights

21 06 2016


Age doesn’t detract from Houdini’s loveliness. It’s hard to believe she’s probably 25 or older, huh? 🙂



7 responses

21 06 2016

Houdini and her distinctively lovely face…

21 06 2016

You must be joking – 25?! No way. She looks perfect.

21 06 2016

Looking good in the wild. Love that.

21 06 2016
Karen Schmiede

How beautiful she is!

21 06 2016

She is Gorgeous!!!

21 06 2016
Sue Story

Aging so very gracefully and beautifully, TJ – Houdini is always one of my favorites. And this is such a good photo of her!

21 06 2016
Kathryn Wilder

Wish I looked as good as she does after years and babies (not to mention running wild)!

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