Silver bullets

24 02 2016



Disappointment Valley and Spring Creek Basin got at least 3 inches of snow from the crazy little system that came through the other day. And a day later … it’s nearly all gone again. If such moisture would appear as semi-regularly as that, we’d be in good shape! As it is, we’re so grateful for the additional moisture. You can literally hear it seeping into the ground!

Seneca and her pals are very fuzzy yet. We still have some winter before us!



4 responses

24 02 2016

Great photo!

24 02 2016

She wasn’t at all bothered by the sudden change in weather. It had been sunny just a couple of hours earlier! Ah, Colorado! 🙂

24 02 2016
Sue Story

The mustangs had more snow than we did…ordinarily I would be jealous, but not this time! I’m so glad for those 3 inches out there and for Seneca’s beautiful face!

24 02 2016

Ditto with Brigitte – GREAT photo!

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