Ask and …

23 02 2016

… ye shall receive!


Happy dance! (That was me. … Reya neither confirmed nor denied her happiness at the snowstorm in Spring Creek Basin.)



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23 02 2016

congratulations!! TJ, she looks so soft and cuddly, you just want to hug her!! Love the nose, she’s an angel

23 02 2016
Prairie girl

That would be an instant “fave” if this image was on Flickr!! 😉
Skip pity do da day, TJ! 🙂

23 02 2016

Yess! May I join the dance?! 😉 And LOOK at this beautifully fluff-insulated horse! Lovely photo (as usual!).
I always have two contradicting reactions, or rather wishes, when I look at these photos: 1. If only I could have a (couple of) beautiful mustang(s) like that; 2. These beautiful wild horses already are, and must remain, in their perfect place… I’ll continue to happily love them from afar!
Here’s to the perfect amount of moisture for you all!

23 02 2016

Thank you all! Disappointment Valley – the lower end – has at least 3 gorgeous, wonderful, beautiful inches of snow from the overnight storm! It’s a winter wonderland – and, more importantly, it should mean plenty of green later this spring. 🙂 Dancing happily through this blessed winter …!

23 02 2016
Sue Story

This is such good news TJ. All I can say is Yippee Skippee, more snow for the mustangs! And as to gorgeous Reya, like Marytherese, I wish I could just bury myself in her fuzziness with a big hug. One of your best photos ever TJ.

24 02 2016


23 02 2016

Yup, looks like the wet stuff. Amd how much, that is the question.

24 02 2016

Three inches on the ground when the snow stopped falling. … Almost none now, thanks to the warm ground and today’s sunshine!

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