Not feelin’ the love

27 02 2016

Balloons in arroyo in Spring Creek Basin.


What the …?!

Balloons in arroyo in Spring Creek Basin.


This isn’t even the first cluster of balloons friend Kat Wilder or I have found in Disappointment Valley *this year* – as amazing as that might be to believe. When I first started wandering the hinterlands, I’d find a couple a year. Now, it’s as bad as finding four or five a year.

And yes, that’s water under the balloons – and horses are drinking there (or trying to).

Friends don’t let friends release balloons!



7 responses

27 02 2016

That is amazing to good those way out there.
I thought is was early Claret Cactus from the distance. Silly me.

27 02 2016
Prairie girl

For a minute there I thought you had a secret admirer, TJ.
Yes. Releasing balloons is just like littering.
What is this world coming to!? ;/

27 02 2016

I find the damn things throughout our woods. Makes me furious.

27 02 2016
Kathryn Wilder

Good Gawd–more? Do people not realize that these are dangerous to wildlife–and cattle–and that they kill sea turtles and albatross (of which we have none in Disappointment, but air currents and water currents do mix) and how much LOVE is there in that???

4 03 2016
Sue Story

Good grief TJ, what the heck is this? Computer’s been in the shop 8 days, so I haven’t seen this yet. I cannot believe this; do they blow in from parts unknown or are they deposited on site by annoying individuals? I’m sure glad you regularly patrol the area!

5 03 2016

They blow in from parts unknown, based on where I usually find them – way out in the yonder. The next most recent one we found was fairly near a road, but the horses and I actually watched it drift down from the sky.

7 03 2016
Sue Story

So…raining balloons huh…very strange indeed! Can’t imagine how far they must have traveled, but too bad they pick the Basin to seek out a final resting place. Glad you’re out there TJ to accomplish some intervention with stuff like this!

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