Happy Thanksgiving!

26 11 2015

Cassidy Rain and feathered friend. She wasn't happy about it hitching a ride.

Thanksgiving has long been my favorite holiday, a time to outwardly express the gratefulness I feel year ’round. Sometimes (most of the time), I’m fairly bursting with gratitude!

Thank you, especially, dear readers who are interested in our Spring Creek Basin mustangs and have followed the evolution of this blog highlighting them. To be able to share my wonder in and gratitude for the mustangs is immeasurably fulfilling.

At the top of my list: My parents and brother, for being awesome, for raising us with horses, for *getting* my love of wild places and wild horses. The mustangs – everywhere – for all that they have given and give, for the magic they bring to the world, the beauty with which they fill it. Friends, fellow advocates, neighbors; each of you brings a wealth of joy to my life. My boss, who knows just exactly what this means to me. Disappointment Valley and Spring Creek Basin, here long before me … here long after me … for all those who came and stayed or passed through … for the protections in place in parts of this part of the world … for the absolute magic of place. Our BLM herd manager, who proves to be an enthusiastic partner in the good management and protection of our beloved horses. Every single one of *my* horses; for each of you, everything.

And with that, enjoy your *birds* and all the trimmings with those you love! (And for those we’ve lost in the past year, with love, we remember  you.)



9 responses

26 11 2015

A very happy Thanksgiving to you TJ.

26 11 2015

Best Wishes to You and Yours.
Your Passion and Joy are obvious.
Thanks for sharing with us!

26 11 2015
Prairie girl

When birds take rides on the backs of animals it just makes me happy!!!
Enjoy your favorite holiday, my friend.

26 11 2015

Thank you to all the higher powers that have given us the gift of TJ!!

26 11 2015
Sue Story

And thank you ever so much Tj for this wonderful Thanksgiving tribute. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

26 11 2015
Kathryn Wilder

I thank you, every day, for all you do for “our” ponies–yours, mine, and all the other mustangs out there that your love and devotion help protect. People like you, Suzanne, and Stella are the necessary lead mares; Jay is the best band stallion ever–together you protect thousands of horses. Amazing. Thank you.

26 11 2015

Thank you! And I hope you all had a wonderful, marvelous day, surrounded with love and gratitude!

2 12 2015

Beautiful! Love you!

2 12 2015

🙂 Love you, too! 🙂

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