17 11 2015


Look out, girls …


… this guy knows the power of the wink!


‘The Peace of Wild Things’

16 11 2015

Ducks on the Round Top pond.

“For a time I rest in the grace of the world, and am free.” ~ Wendell Berry

As someone who rests very often in the grace of the wild world, seeing and feeling and reveling in that freedom, it is so difficult to understand events in the wider, “civilized” world.

Pretty in grey

14 11 2015


Wildly beautiful Juniper at rest in Spring Creek Basin.


Our hearts ache for dear friends as we mourn the passing of a pioneering mustang advocate.

“… My soul is dancing in the moonlight.

“I mingle with each grain of sand in the land that is my birthright …

“I am still here …”

Rest in the peace of wild places among wild hearts, mustang angel D.

(Lyrics from “The Vaquero Song” by Dave Stamey.)

Looking through the branches

13 11 2015


Handsome from every angle. 🙂 Chrome and his band were in a wooded area of the basin, which provided a unique view of this wild boy.


Celebrate veterans

11 11 2015


Veterans, we thank you for your service. With all branches of the military, in all conflicts, you go toward chaos to protect Americans’ lives and liberties.

Your families and loved ones know and honor your courage and sacrifice.

Personal and always loving gratitude to my cousin, my dad, my uncle and my grandpas for their service.

Thank you all.

Red boy

10 11 2015


Watchful Hayden.

More rain/snow is in our forecast. The soil still is damp from our previous moisture delivery. We’re thankful for that … and for more coming. It has been a beautiful autumn!


9 11 2015

Storm and Tenaz

We’re leaping for joy: The busiest hunting season is over. The last one starts Wednesday, but the traffic in Disappointment Valley should be light compared with this just-past season.

Dirty blonde

6 11 2015


Corona steps across a meadow above Spring Creek Basin.

We got rain. We got snow. Moisture = excellent.

The view

4 11 2015


That guy. That grass. That valley. That hill.

That view.


On the run

3 11 2015


Tenaz was hot to engage another stallion that he thought was making eyes at his girl.

Girl saved. Crisis averted.