Golden arches

28 11 2015

Hollywood and Chrome

This bit of action between Hollywood and Chrome happened just after Sundance thought he was being left.

The only one left was me, as the horses ran off into the sunset. 🙂



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28 11 2015
Prairie girl

Aren’t they breathtaking??!!
Marvelous image and story. 🙂

28 11 2015

TJ, beautiful pic with the background foliage, sunlight, dust and magnificent stallions. AWESOME!! If I was an artist, this is what I would want to paint!! Thanks

28 11 2015

Magnificent!!!! What a wonderful photo, thank you for sharing!!

28 11 2015
Kathryn Wilder

I agree with everything said above. I want this photo “painted” life-size on my wall!!! (It’s already in my heart.)

28 11 2015
Sue Story

I’m liking this “dust up”, such handsome boys in a perfect scene.

28 11 2015
Kathryn Wilder

Sue, Chrome is the stallion you saw up close that day when we met you on the road. Gorgeous, isn’t he!

29 11 2015
Sue Story

Yes Kathryn, he is absolutely stunning, and I thank you and TJ for telling us his name…at least I know one guy by name now! By the way, since you have obviously been near internet access in recent days, I assume you got back to “civilization” in your misbehaving truck! Always more adventure than we want those pesky old trucks!

30 11 2015
Karen Keene Day

Chrome, you always do have a magnificent white arched neck. Hollywood: so fiery red and handsome! Beautiful image!:)

2 12 2015

You’ll be back to see them in no time. 🙂

1 12 2015
Christi Goad

Handsome as always!

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