Big heart

30 11 2015


With that big heart, this could be none other than Corazon.

Mother Nature finally graced Disappointment Valley with a bit of graupel and feathery snowflakes, but very little and very light, and it was gone very quickly. Snow remains – as you see – in the far distance – and at higher elevations.



4 responses

30 11 2015

I love her paintings. And now I finally understand why she was named “Corazon”. Keeping my fingers crossed for more moisture.

1 12 2015

Thanks to your finger-crossing, we did get a touch more snow that night! Corazon is the stallion for the pinto band. 🙂

2 12 2015

Oh, right, sorry about the gender mix-up! The name has this femine touch to it. 😉 Glad to hear you did get some snow.

3 12 2015

🙂 We’re always happy to get some moisture. Interestingly, this recent snow doesn’t have much moisture to it, though. There’s still some around, but it hasn’t made things very muddy. We’re already stalking the forecast for our next storm!

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