Another dark girl

24 10 2012

This happened a little while ago:

Aurora has hooked up with Hollywood and his band.

She’s the daughter of Alegre and Bounce, and most recently was with her mother, little sister, big sister and niece in Traveler’s band. Little girl growing up.



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28 10 2012

All of the horses are so beautiful.  I enjoy seeing them. Your photos are great! 

Our Asher is such a joy.  Vern had the saddle on him again and even cinched up lightly with no problems.

Keep lovin’ those guys,


29 10 2012

How fantastic about Asher! Such great news – he takes it all in stride! 🙂 Love this success story that started with Tif adopting him and growing him into the big boy you now have. Beautiful, all around!

4 11 2012
Gabriele Moritz

How old is this little filly, She is quite sandwiched in with the two watchful bachelors.

4 11 2012

She’s a yearling, but those aren’t bachelors. That’s Hollywood’s band. He’s at right, Mona is the dun mare on Aurora’s other side, and Piedra is the grey mare in the background.

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