Lady Liberty

21 10 2012

This bay beauty was such a joy to visit the other night.

Liberty lives in Ridgway with her adopter, Alice, who couldn’t love her any more! You all read about Alice and her joint art show with Karen Keene Day here.

They are well-matched.

Liberty was born May 25, Memorial Day.

She was named Liberty by my dad, a veteran of the U.S. Army.

Alice calls her Libby for short. 🙂

Isn’t she lovely? I couldn’t get over how she has filled out.

No white markings at all, she’s “another bay mustang.” But what a beautiful presence!

But here is the true beauty: Alice and Liberty.

Such a feeling of peace and contentment at Alice’s place (she has several other horses, some llamas and kitty cats!). Liberty has her forever home – in Alice’s heart.


Dark beauty

20 10 2012

How gorgeous is she? Stand by for a post about another dark beauty, adopted and loved.

Walking through beauty

17 10 2012

Comanche and Kestrel:

Do you think they celebrate each day? The beauty, the light, the dark, the grass and water and occasional cloud? Themselves? 🙂

Below Knife Edge

14 10 2012

What a beautiful place, our world.

Poco. Not always seen, but expected!

Near the double ponds in the eastern part of the basin. And the ponds still have water, however shallow.

Sweet nothings (everything)

13 10 2012

Hollywood and Piedra:

What do you suppose he’s saying to her? Whatever it was, it worked. She gave him a nuzzle in return. 🙂

Hollywood courted Piedra when she was still a youngster in Steeldust’s band. All four of her foals have been sired by Hollywood. He has lost her a couple of times, but he always has gotten her back (probably due as much to her as to him).

Pony love. Believe it. (Yes, yes, very human.)


12 10 2012

No words.

Third *heart* a charm!

12 10 2012

Well, let’s just continue the theme, shall we?

Cassidy Rain with mama Gaia and new stepdaddy Storm.

The new family: Killian, Roja, Storm, Gaia and Cassidy Rain.


I *heart* this family, 2!

11 10 2012

Chrome’s family (missing Winona in this family portrait).

OK, OK. I love all the families. 🙂 But I really love catching daddies in family portraits.

I *heart* this family

11 10 2012

And why not?

Small family. Big love.


10 10 2012

Handsome daddy mustang.