Calendar – January

25 11 2011

Ready? Here are your first choices!






Seven's band

Leave your vote – for each month – in the comments section.

Thank you!



24 responses

26 11 2011
maria chervenkova

I vote for Alpha

26 11 2011

Seven’s Band

26 11 2011
Morgan Griffith

Winona, love that pic. Oh why do you do this to us? LOL, its just soooo hard to pick the pic!

26 11 2011
Karen Schmiede

Love the pic of Winona. They are all great. Hard to pick.

26 11 2011
Teresa Irick

Winona! 🙂 Hard to choose!

26 11 2011
roy garner and sue chisholm

hi & thanks for the opportunity.
we like steeldust for january

26 11 2011
John Heald

Winona, a beautiful winter photo

26 11 2011
Nicole vinson


26 11 2011
Alice Billings

Winona….another artsy photo….

27 11 2011
Zacharias Larson

All the photos were very nice so we had a hard time choosing.
Marietta, Eunice and Debbora vote: Alpha.
Daddy votes: Corona.
Mama votes: Jif.
Lorraine and I vote: Winona

27 11 2011

Thank you so much for all your votes! Lots of variety from your family! 🙂

27 11 2011
Sally Coates, Port Angeles, WA

Winona. For the sake of variety in the selection of 12, this is an unusual shot with lots of arty feel and beautiful color and of course a beautiful horse.

27 11 2011
Puller Lanigan

Alpha or Winona….they both project ‘winter’.

27 11 2011

Hey TJ. I vote for Seven’s Band. Miraculously Curly votes for Seven’s band, too. I thought it interesting to get both of our perspectives, since I believe Curly’s to be much more objective than mine. 🙂

27 11 2011

Madison votes Jif. Her words, “I do like Alpha, but Jif would look great on a calendar, I can picture it.”

28 11 2011

Steeldust, He picture is clear and crisp. The scars on his body, reminders of past battles, against the white snow really show contrast. Love that pic.

29 11 2011
Amy and Keith Bean

Keith likes Seven’s band.

I will go for Corona.

1 12 2011

My vote is for the pic of Steeledust. I love the background and he looks so healthy and content in this photo.

3 12 2011
Lynn and Kathy

TWO votes here from both Kathy and I for Steeldust. He symbolizes the Basin for us because few stallions (in our time there) led so many for as long as he did… Besides, the photo says everything about his home.

5 12 2011
george w doerre

i think steeldust has earned it.

9 12 2011
Priscilla Burgers

I vote for the image of Winona. It’s wonderful!

9 12 2011
Nina Serman


9 12 2011
Linda Horn

I love Seven’s Band. So crisp and clear, with a stunning background. And your shot of Winona as well … so different from the rest. Sort of vignette. But my final vote is for Steeldust, the battle-scarred old warrior. Hope he’s doing well in his new home.

9 12 2011
Krissy DuBois


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