Brumley’s shadow

30 09 2012

Brumley Point is one of our easily indentifiable landmarks, and it sits on our southeastern boundary, which means it also is located in McKenna Peak Wilderness Study Area, and it’s fairly close to both McKenna Peak and the unnamed promontory.

Chipeta and Seneca, and daddy Ty napping in the background. Copper was napping farther back and to the left. And Brumley rising above them.

Mama, daddy, baby girl

29 09 2012

Cutest family portrait lately. 🙂

Some friends dropped by to greet the baby, and all of Ty’s protective instincts surged to the fore. What friends? I’ve seen them but haven’t posted any pix in quite a while. Will soon!

So close

22 09 2012

My guess is that the spotted girl is going to be a mama again realllllllll soon.

Daddy Ty and mama Chipeta share a sweet moment.

They had separated from the others but now are reunited with the band. The udder, she speaks “volumes.” 🙂

My guess is that the next time I post a pic of Chipeta, she’ll have a “shadow” by her side!


17 09 2012

Mr. Fierce.

Ty keeps Chipeta and Puzzle, and Corazon has claimed Reya and S’aka. Maiku is generally neutral … but not always. And they’re one big, mostly happy family. Closer, even, than Hollywood’s and Comanche’s families.

Another shot that seemed to beg for extra contrast in black and white. Ty and his “fierce face.”

About 60 seconds later, they were all grazing in peace.


16 09 2012

Stallions Ty and Copper.

Ty was keeping Copper away from the band.

I think I’ve finally sort of figured out now that this actually is two bands – Ty’s and Corazon’s – and they are just even closer than Hollywood’s and Comanche’s, with Copper as the satellite stallion. Coincidentally, Ty and Copper are the non-pintos in the “pinto band.”

As an aside, does that profile on Copper remind anyone of Cinch?? Very distinctive; Cinch’s was even more pronounced.

A visit with the spots

8 09 2012

A quick check on the spots revealed … all normal on the southern front. 🙂

Impending parents Ty and Chipeta.

S’aka and mama Reya. Yes, there’s an extra eye and schnoz in there: Corazon’s.

Puzzle gives Maiku a sisterly schnuzzle.

Ty against the La Sals.

Chipeta against the La Sals.

Handsome pony boy.

Gettin’ closer. I’m pretty sure I recognize the “I’m ready, already!” look. 🙂

Spots and dapples

3 09 2012

Reya and Maiku walked into my foreground as I was taking pix of S’aka with big sister Puzzle – and I like it! Love all their spots, and check out how S’aka’s spot and Puzzle’s merge perfectly on their necks!

Here’s Ty, contributing to the “dapples” part of this post.

So, so rare to get such a close look at Corazon. He’s usually far enough away, it’s hard to make out much detail in his handsome black face.

Chipeta update: Not yet. Close, by her udder, but not immediate, I think.

Just a random selection of photos. Bay boy Copper also is still with the band, but he was hiding under dapples of a different kind: dapply light under the trees. 🙂

Diggin’ the spots

6 08 2012

Today was a good day to check the status of the Round Top pond. On the way, I stopped for a visit with the pinto ponies.

Copper walks past the Round Top pond.

Then there was some of this:

Mama Reya and baby S’aka.

And a bit of this:

Copper, with Brumley Point in the background.

And a teeny bit of this:

Puzzle with mama Chipeta and stepdaddy Ty.

And we got a nice downpour later. What a wonderful day!


26 05 2012

Had a surprise viewing of David and Shadow and the pintos! I’m still torn on Shadow’s pregnancy (or not) status, and my view of her was obscured by greasewood or distance.


Shadow. If she’s not pregnant, she’s sure healthy – and she is. Look how shiny and great she looks!

Baby S’aka taking a nap under the watchful eye of Corazon. The dynamic may have changed slightly with the pinto band. Corazon seems very possessive of Reya, with Ty giving them some space. Copper is still low man, and I couldn’t see him well enough because of the greasewood, so it was hard to see the status of his injured knee. He was moving pretty well, though.

Ty, also looking very healthy.

Puzzle and mama Chipeta. Several of the horses were coated in mud, but Puzzle was bright-white and clean! There are a surprising number of places in the arroyo nearby that have water. Muddy, salt-crusted water, but more than none.

Maiku with big sister Reya and little brother S’aka.

Puzzle and Chipeta and Maiku and Copper. Copper is Maiku’s and Puzzle’s daddy.

Puzzle, Chipeta and Copper

Reya and her baby boy – he’s been playing in the mud!

Spots and not

27 04 2012

More of the spotted ponies seen about a week ago close to the Disappointment Road:

Peek-a-ponies! Chipeta and daughter Puzzle, trying to hide behind the greasewood.

Corazon was being standoffish. He’s usually right in with the band.

Big guy Copper was very relaxed and comfortable.

Mr. Ty, easy-going. The storm brewing to the south never made it to Disappointment, but it made for a nice background over the far cliffs!

Little Maiku is such a sweetheart. He likes to stick close to big sister Reya.

Pretty Puzzle, striking her glamour pose!

Chipeta. Isn’t she lovely?

Leaving you with a shot of the expectant girl, Reya.