Sibling spots

13 06 2013

Spirit and S'aka.

Big brother S’aka is protective of his little sister, Spirit.

I found them – via the Jeep – in just about the same spot (heh) as when I hiked in and spotted them from Round Top.

How cute are they?



4 responses

13 06 2013
Prairie girl

Oh. Oh! I just don’t know what to say!!
Except, thank you!! LOVE!!!

13 06 2013

They gave me an amazing visit. Corazon was trying to keep both Maiku and Copper away from his little band. They were moving a bit, and I sat down to enjoy them and the cooling evening (it has been pretty warm). This photo happened when they all started walking right toward me. They’re just beautiful, aren’t they!?

13 06 2013

Oh gosh TJ it just doesn’t get any cuter. I love those spots.

13 06 2013

Worth the wait! This is just adorable.

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