Take care

15 06 2013

Reya and Spirit

Mama Reya and baby Spirit in lovely late light.


The devastating fires on Colorado’s Front Range probably are a news story in all parts of the country. So far, two people have been found dead, and more than 400 homes have been destroyed – the lives of more than 400 families in ashes. Many relief and support efforts are under way, for the people AND animals affected by the fires. Closer to Southwest Colorado, there was a giant plume of smoke on the southern end of the La Sal Mountains in Utah, apparently from two different fires.

It is DRY, and it is HOT, and it is WINDY; that’s a recipe for fires. The Utah fires are listed as having been caused by lightning, but (at least) the Black Forest Fire in Colorado was human-caused. Please be careful out there. Prayers for the people who have lost their homes and for rain always appreciated.



4 responses

15 06 2013
Prairie girl

Yes. Much rain is needed and less carelessness and thoughtlessness from man.

15 06 2013

Thank you. We got a little rain yesterday here in the Springs. I’m not sure if it went where it counts, but it was a releif after how hot it’s been this past week.

15 06 2013

Thinking of everyone an everything , hope you are all keeping safe and oh, what a beautifull picture

15 06 2013
Lynn and Kathy

Every positive thought we have has and continues to be directed toward everyone, everywhere is this country that is in danger and has experienced tremendous loss…

Sometimes, I wonder if we aren’t a “failed experiment” though, we have occasionally, found wonderful people who care & act for the good of all critters, two & four-legged alike! Thanks, TJ, for all you do in this effort…

Folks – PLEASE pray for rain in this neck of the woods!

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