Sweet baby

13 11 2012

Seneca gives mama Chipeta some lovin’. Just past sunset.

We did get some rain and snow in Disappointment Valley/Spring Creek Basin. Don’t want to be greedy, but we’ll take more!



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13 11 2012
Prairie girl

Hey there! I just found you after reading my latest copy of High Country Journal. Great article and very informative on the ins and outs of our wild horses and BLM controversies, etc.
Thank you for watching over and keeping guard on those babies for all of us who care desperately about their future. We need you and your voice and your presence to encourage the safety and no more removal of our wild ones. We must keep our promise of protecting them, and from what I see, you are doing just that. I feel your genuine love and passion for this beautiful herd. You are an inspiration!

13 11 2012

Thanks so much! The mustangs of Spring Creek Basin have become my everything. They are, well, amazing! So much can be learned from them. The world’s wild beauty would be much diminished without their presence. It is so important to know that others have inspired me by doing these very same things: Matt Dillon for the Pryor Mountain mustangs, Marty Felix and Billie Hutchings and Friends of the Mustangs for the Little Book Cliffs mustangs, Ada Inbody and Friends Of A Legacy for the McCullough Peaks mustangs … and more all the time. I’m pretty sure my “addiction” is a lifelong affliction! 🙂

13 11 2012
Karen Schmiede

Love your pics TJ . The horses look so cute with their fuzzy winter coats.

13 11 2012

They’re definitely fuzzy. I hope that means we have a good, moisture-laden winter coming!

20 11 2012
Pat Amthor

So sweet!

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