27 04 2013

Tesora seen through Puzzle in the foreground.

Tesora framed by “auntie” Puzzle (no actual relation that I’m aware of).



7 responses

27 04 2013
Prairie girl

Tesoro is a living beauty!
They have such rich coloring, those mustangs.

27 04 2013
Puller Lanigan

Love it!

27 04 2013

TJ, you’re an artist in making great shots! Once again, thanks for sharing them!

27 04 2013

How sweet.

27 04 2013
Karen Schmiede

Beautiful! I can really see the horse’s head. What a sweet little girl.

28 04 2013

They really all are living treasures. They amaze me every time I see them!

13 05 2013
Pat Amthor

Amazing photos, as usual, but this is just framed perfectly!

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