Say cheese!

24 05 2013

Family portrait: Seven, Puzzle, Tesora and Shadow in the east pocket.

While I was busy with the camera, my assistant was working the squeaky toy and the reflectors to get just the right light on our subjects.

Other than Tesora sticking out her tongue, as youngsters are wont to do, my assistant did a pretty good job with lighting and ears, don’t you think?

Thanks, Ma Nature. 🙂



4 responses

24 05 2013
Alice Billings

Picture perfect…..

24 05 2013
Puller Lanigan

Too cute! I just realized recently, every photo I have a friend’s horse, is of him with his tongue sticking out. Funny guy!

24 05 2013
Karen Schmiede

Ma Nature is always a great assist. Great pic.

24 05 2013

Wonderful lighting, looks like a windy day!

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