Spots on the skyline

4 04 2013

Puzzle running against the sky.

Puzzle galloping along the skyline during a meeting with David.

On guard

30 03 2013

Seven and Puzzle - note Shadow at bottom right.

Seven’s ladies seem to be feeding him well. Puzzle is behind him, and you can just see Shadow at bottom right.

To the victor …

1 03 2013

Look who lost his girls:

Seven, Shadow and Puzzle

OK, technically, David isn’t in this pic, but it’s implied, right? Poor David is the los*er*, and the los*ees* now are with Seven!

Little Shadow girl is sporting a belly. She – 6 this year – really is smaller/shorter than 2.5-year-old Puzzle.

I saw this new band last week in a snow squall, but I didn’t go close enough to take pix (the Jeep was a long way away, and I didn’t know at the time that the blowing snow wouldn’t turn to sticking snow).

Puzzle looks a lot like her mama Chipeta.

‘Puzzle’ – solved

16 12 2012

It happened awhile ago that David acquired Puzzle, but I hadn’t seen them close enough for pix until this week. I was visiting Ty’s merry little band – with Copper, who, earlier in the week, was with Corazon’s band – when I spied Puzzle away off yonder. I bid grateful fare-thee-well to Ty, Chipeta and Seneca and beat feet for a visit with David.

A slow and cautious approach enabled some photos before Ty’s group followed me down the hill and sent the wary band in search of quieter environs.

David, Shadow and Puzzle

Puzzle – the pretty pinto pony – is the big sister of Asher and Seneca (same dam: Chipeta; different sire: Copper). David, left, has had Shadow since she was a long yearling. They’ve had two colts: Wind and Coal. Both were adopted last year.

Puzzle and Shadow, David's mares.

Puzzle was 2 on Sept. 1. Shadow was born in 2007 and orphaned that winter when her dam, Ceal, died. She returnd to the company of Bruiser’s band until the late summer / early fall of 2008, when the “southside boys” bachelor band stole the band; that’s when David stole Shadow and started his own band. He has had her almost continuously since then (Storm stole her after the roundup; David stole her back; Storm stole her back; David stole her back – and kept her).

The whir of raven wings

27 09 2012

Attracted Maiku’s notice:

The ravens were very active on Seneca’s birthday. Raucous, too. How cool would it be to have a raven’s-eye view of the basin? Or a pony’s-eye view of ravens?

One year

16 09 2012

A year ago today, our roundup started, a day late because of rain. Clear, clear skies this year. Many changes. Many things the same. Some things better. Some things, not so much.

We lost some. We gained more.

I like to think positively and look ahead.

But it’s impossible not to remember.

Management of our Spring Creek Basin mustangs is moving in a positive direction, and I think the great condition of our horses and range proves that.

A visit with the spots

8 09 2012

A quick check on the spots revealed … all normal on the southern front. 🙂

Impending parents Ty and Chipeta.

S’aka and mama Reya. Yes, there’s an extra eye and schnoz in there: Corazon’s.

Puzzle gives Maiku a sisterly schnuzzle.

Ty against the La Sals.

Chipeta against the La Sals.

Handsome pony boy.

Gettin’ closer. I’m pretty sure I recognize the “I’m ready, already!” look. 🙂

Spots and dapples

3 09 2012

Reya and Maiku walked into my foreground as I was taking pix of S’aka with big sister Puzzle – and I like it! Love all their spots, and check out how S’aka’s spot and Puzzle’s merge perfectly on their necks!

Here’s Ty, contributing to the “dapples” part of this post.

So, so rare to get such a close look at Corazon. He’s usually far enough away, it’s hard to make out much detail in his handsome black face.

Chipeta update: Not yet. Close, by her udder, but not immediate, I think.

Just a random selection of photos. Bay boy Copper also is still with the band, but he was hiding under dapples of a different kind: dapply light under the trees. 🙂

Not yet

30 08 2012

But soon!

She’s due Saturday.

Which means birthdays for big-girl Puzzle and young mister Asher, adopted last fall.

Chipeta and daughter Puzzle. That’s Corazon in the background.

Puzzle will be 2! Pretty pinto pony.

Pinto wrap-up

9 08 2012

More pix from the pinto visit. I forewarn you that this post is heavily focused on a certain little painted mister. I tried to take pix of everybody, really, I did. But my camera had a sensor (mind) of its own, and it kept coming back to this ultra cuteness!

Similar to a pic I posted earlier of S’aka and big sister Puzzle, but this one also has mama Reya included.

He’s a curious mister! Love the waves in his mane and forelock.

Love the golden light on the boy and the sparkle in his eye.

Little mister with big Mr. Corazon, who still seems to be keeping close tabs on Reya, who seems to stick close to Chipeta, who sticks with Ty. Very interesting dynamic going on with this band.

Trotting into the sunset. They didn’t go far before settling back to grazing. I love the light, the spots, the ponies. Gorgeous. 🙂