The Found Boys

3 11 2011

Yeah, I cried. For joy. For coming around a curve, and there was Poco … and as I inched a bit on, Roach … for finding them just as I knew I would … again …

Roach and Poco



Yes, those white bits in the backgrounds of the above photos are patches of snow!

Discussing a newly christened stud pile.

And where were the wayward wanderers?

Home, sweet home.

Where else? 🙂



5 responses

3 11 2011
Karen Schmiede

So glad you found Poco and Roach. I guess all the horses are accounted for. Hope they all live long and free lives.

3 11 2011
Linda Horn

Whew! Good to see them looking fit and getting fuzzy. And what a great shot of the body language in the discussion. Thanks, TJ!

4 11 2011
Pat Amthor

42 present and accounted for. So glad you saw them and got the great pictures of the elusive ones.

4 11 2011
Lynn and Kathy

We knew they’d come home, eventually – probably at or near where they’ve always been! So glad to hear this news and nice photos!!

4 11 2011

Yep, everybody accounted for. Happy. 🙂

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