Water catchment 2 – phase 2, day 3

16 11 2022

We may not have snow, but the temps are telling us that winter is nigh! Garth Nelson and Daniel Chavez were in the basin this week, working in the cold wind to get the first batch of purlins in place and welded to the I-beams. They said they saw more vehicles in the basin the last two days than in the last year. … Have I mentioned that third rifle season here is like Grand Central Station? … Fortunately, not for much longer; it’s over half an hour after sunset Friday.

Every little bit brings the project closer to completion!



7 responses

16 11 2022
Sue E. Story

Closer and closer! I like the “roof” on these newer catchments – very nice. Can’t wait to see water in this one. Thanks to our BLM guys once again and to you, TJ, for all the wonderful photos!

16 11 2022

It is SO close! And so much closer after today! We should be done tomorrow! 🙂

16 11 2022
Karen Schmiede

Many more thanks to the BLM guys for their work!

16 11 2022

They are wrapping it up quickly! They’re rocking it!

16 11 2022

It’s great to see such a quality and well thought out project being done by a top-notch crew ! So glad the quiet will return soon:)

16 11 2022

They are the top-notchiest of top-notch crews! And they’re just fun. 🙂

18 11 2022

Thanks for the pictures and all the hard work of BLM guys!

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