30 05 2022

We had a bit of promising light and clouds yesterday in the late afternoon. Unfortunately, the promise didn’t really follow through on actual rain in Disappointment Valley. There were some spits … each drop of which was particularly visible and didn’t dampen the dust at all. It was – dare I say it – extraordinarily disappointing. The wind was really strong all day, too. Because … of course it was.

Seeing this girl was most definitely NOT a disappointment:

Reya doesn’t look too windblown, but it was hammering us.

These “fire restrictions” signs went up all around the area ahead of this past weekend, warning holiday visitors that because of dry weather, red-flag warnings, wind advisories and high fire danger (!), fires are a really, REALLY bad idea (not to mention now verboten).

Today is Memorial Day, the day officially designated to remember military men and women who didn’t come home from their service to country. … This Memorial Day, we have the added weight of the tragedy of the massacre at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas. They’re related by violence, though those who serve in the military know the risks they face, and the children and teachers killed and injured in Uvalde had every right to believe the day would be full of – only – fun and joy and high spirits at the end of the school year.

Others can write more eloquently than I can on the meanings of our losses and how to move forward … how they hit close to home or are headlines that collectively break the hearts of a nation’s citizens. All of us hurt.

Let’s remember them all as we celebrate this holiday.



7 responses

30 05 2022

All of the above – you said it very very well.

30 05 2022

What a time in life, when the children are in danger.
Thank you for your thoughts on this Memorial Day. Thanks for all the memories of horses through the years.

30 05 2022

Thank you to all of those who served our country. And thank you TJ for the beautiful tribute and for all that you do.

30 05 2022
Karen Schmiede

Thank you to all who gave the ultimate sacrifice for us all.

30 05 2022

Beautifully written TJ .


30 05 2022
Ginger Fedak

Beautifully written, TJ. We all hurt.
And… rain… yes, please, for Disappointment Valley.

30 05 2022
Sue E. Story

Perfectly said, TJ. So much sadness…so much loss. A special remembrance
on this day for those who sacrificed life itself in service to our nation.

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