Another black beauty

27 05 2022

How DO those black coats get so shiny and lustrous? Goooooooooood livin’ … and a bit of spring green. 🙂

Beautiful Raven hates to pose. I mean, HATES. She would much prefer to hang out behind her marefriends, or her stallion, or a bush (I’m surprised she didn’t put the greasewood between us). But if you (I) persevere, she’ll give you that dazzling look, and she shows off her rockstar self!



6 responses

27 05 2022

Raven has a lot to offer in her beauty!
Thank you TJ for your perseverance.

27 05 2022

Her reluctance serves to give me more patience. 🙂 She’s worth showing off!

27 05 2022
Karen Schmiede

Another pretty girl!

28 05 2022

So very pretty. 🙂

28 05 2022
Sue E. Story

Another one of our black beauties! Raven is so special and that is such a good photo of her, TJ! Almost looks as though she finally thought you should be rewarded for all of your perseverance!

28 05 2022

She’s a tricky girl … but maybe we have an understanding. 🙂

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