Just about dark

21 05 2021

Though we got clouds a couple of nights ago, the clouds refused to leak. Pretty Gaia carried on with her greasewood grazing. I hope she knows something we don’t know … that it WILL rain again!

Greys in the green

20 05 2021

The grey amiga girls – Alegre, Maia and Houdini – were having a greasewood feast a couple of evenings ago. I recently learned that greasewood is a source of keratin, which contains protein, and maybe that’s why the horses like it so much. … I still think it’s cuz it tastes like ice cream. 🙂


In other news, don’t forget that Maria’s Bookshop in Durango, Colorado, will be hosting Kat Wilder for a reading of her new book, “Desert Chrome” – which is on bookstore shelves now! – starting at 6:30 p.m. Mountain Time. Go to Maria’s Events Calendar page, then scroll down just a bit to find the Zoom and Facebook Live links to Kat’s reading.

Garcia Street Books did an interview with Kat, and she reads snippets from “Desert Chrome” while talking about observations that led to organization, etc. Watch here.

And the Durango Herald (disclaimer: the Herald is the former employer of this blogger) published a wonderful review of “Desert Chrome.” Read it here! Then order your copy and read it for yourself!

Swish & flick

19 05 2021

Winona practices her magical moves at the onset of gnat season.

Lady gold

18 05 2021

Alegre is so beautiful, she makes the light lovely.


17 05 2021

Maiku watches a band across an arroyo while Corazon moseys on after the band. Maiku has been Corazon’s loyal lieutenant for at least a few years now.

Sunset appreciation

16 05 2021

Sometimes we all need a little pause to take in the peace at the end of a day.

Evening sublime

15 05 2021

When the light is as sublime as this, you’d think the mustangs would drop everything and pose like the wild beauties they are. …

Not so much. 🙂

So you have to catch them as you can, before the light is gone for another day. Pretty Temple is the day’s lovely model.

Moving through

14 05 2021

Grazing through the greasewood on a lovely evening, minutes after the sun dropped below a cloud, just before it dropped before the far western ridge.

Raven in flight

13 05 2021

Low light. Waiting for rain.

The good green that is greasewood

12 05 2021

Thank goodness we have greasewood to make our world green. We do have other green bits currently, which also is very, very good.

Chipeta demonstrates the dreamy way to take advantage of the green.