Au naturel

29 04 2021

It doesn’t look like it here (Cassidy Rain did NOT hang around to model her beautiful self with the wind screaming at us), but this was one of the windiest days in the basin this spring (and as windy as it always is in the spring, and as WINDY as it has been even the last few days, that’s saying something). I got a kick out of a pic I saw recently of a Quarter Horse, posed saddled and bridled, on what the photographer said had been a windy day in Texas. They used two cans of hair spray to keep the horse’s mane neat for the photo.

Well, our secret mustang stylists don’t use hair spray, but there’s lots of wind spraying about … and I think it makes for the most LOVELY horses imaginable! ๐Ÿ™‚ And fortunately, they’re finding wet spots in which to drink and roll. … And do you see the green? Yes, look hard … but it’s there.

(Note: I greatly respect the photographer mentioned above. It was just a funny thing to think about for someone (moi) who photographs way more mustangs than perfectly coiffed domestic horses. :))



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29 04 2021

I see the green!

29 04 2021

We know you secretly spray their manes๐Ÿ˜Ha! Truly do love how the wind plays with their manes and tails!

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29 04 2021
Karen Schmiede

I see green also.

29 04 2021

To be honest, along with the hair spray was all the chemicals – too bad for the horse. Be safe everyone!

29 04 2021
Sue E. Story

Ha! Hair spray…for horses?! I’ve heard it all now. ๐Ÿ˜‚ I agree with you, TJ; wild and natural is the way to go!

2 05 2021

There is, even when it screams like a banshee across the land, something, to me, beautiful about wind – it can’t be stopped – unless the trees sway or hair flies in the eyes, or what have you – it is only known fully by it’s effects – it’s sounds – that said, I spent my teen and early adulthood years going through cans of Aqua net to ‘prepare for the work day’ and still be ‘functional/effective during it’ – that said? Now? I keep my bangs short – rest of hair I can’t reach to ‘cut right” long enough to be locked into braid or bun on my head or ponytai/messy bun – and to me? When the wind screams here and I’m out and about, I see the horses in pastures, with their heads down – for heat preservation OR just to not have the stinging whips of their hair hurting their eyes? I contemplate these things – overall – but have no urge to hairspray or go out and braid all the horse manes – but then, I’m not a professional photographer, either!! LOL

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