Good green

22 04 2021

It’s ice cream … and it’s finally green again.



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22 04 2021

Yum ! They must be in heaven !

22 04 2021

The upper, southern part of the basin actually looks somewhat green now. Only three bands that I know of have found the oasis and are taking advantage of it (so far), but what a relief!

22 04 2021

Yeah green!

22 04 2021

Thank goodness for the little things … like green grass and greasewood. 🙂

22 04 2021
Karen Schmiede

Looks like a tasty horse treat!

22 04 2021

It’s greasewood, and those green bits are teeny – but I think they’re somewhat succulent, and that’s why the horses LOVE it. They know what they need, for sure; they browse some of that … some grass … more of greasewood … back to the grass. It’s amazing to watch them graze.

22 04 2021

Thank You Mother Earth.
Happy Earth Day

22 04 2021

Happy Earth Day, indeed! I scheduled this post a few days ago and lost track of what day it would actually publish. 🙂 Mother Earth is suffering. … We see it in our own back yard.

25 04 2021

I’ll say!! Very green!!

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