Pretty grey in the grey

27 04 2021

A few evenings ago, I found Terra and her band WAY deep in Spring Creek Basin, in an area I call the east pocket. I sometimes write in my notes that I found a band in the “deep east pocket.” This band was deeply into the deepest pocket possible of the east pocket! I saw them from a distance and hiked out … and up to the highest point I could find, and – as almost never happens – I couldn’t see them from above. I had to hike back down to find them ambling out of the deep and back out to the “flats.” Then, they were about as calm and willing to hang out as I’ve ever seen them.

In the background is the “back side,” which is to say the north side (basically), of prominent big ridge Knife Edge, which is more commonly seen from the westish or southish or southwestish or, maybe uncommonly except for me, southeastish.

More clouds, more wind. I wish I could say we’ve had some spectacular sunsets with those clouds, but sadly, as with the lack of rain, nope. The moon wasn’t even visible until much later, nearly full in the black, star-studded night.



3 responses

27 04 2021

What a hike following those that wander the beautiful wild land of the Basin. !

27 04 2021
Tony Gibson

What an awesome horizon!

27 04 2021
Sue E. Story

“Deeply into the deepest pocket.” 😊 I love that, TJ. And only you – and the mustangs of course – would know where that is! Thank you for taking us there and giving us this vision of beautiful Terra.

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