Parched and waiting

23 07 2020

This was our view last night in Spring Creek Basin. Looks pretty parched, eh? It is. Those clouds to the east beyond McKenna Peak and Temple Butte didn’t prove very helpful in the moisture department.

The horses aren’t very far from Spring Creek canyon here, which has water in holes and pools. During my hikes around the basin, I keep an eye on the seeps and have seen them recharge with even the recent little rains, so that’s encouraging.

Skywalker, above, is quite relaxed, keeping his own eyes on the band down the hill. He and his bachelor buddy napped for quite a while before finally returning to grazing as the shadows started to creep their way from the rimrocks.



3 responses

23 07 2020

Love the picture! He is just the best boy. I love him from the first day I saw him!

23 07 2020
Karen Schmiede

Really handsome boy!

23 07 2020
Sue Story

😍 He looks good from any angle…even from a horse’s behind! 😊 He’s always my dream-boy, and like Pat, I loved him the first day I saw him – which was the first time ever that I got to see wild horses in person.

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