Green = good

22 07 2020

That looks lovely, right?! That’s nearly all of San Miguel County – McKenna Peak is outside the basin’s eastern boundary – under wonderful green, which in radar terms, of course, means RAIN.

Except that it wasn’t actually raining when I took this screenshot (around quarter after 8 a.m.). The heavens had leaked a little a little while earlier, but someone fixed (!) the leak. (Note to someone: We’re really OK with that kind of leak … and it could rip right open … really!)

We are so hopeful, and we need it BADLY – GOODLY? … We need the goodness of it in a really bad way ’cause it’s really kinda bad dry out there.



6 responses

22 07 2020

Rain, rain, fill up the catchments!

22 07 2020

Surely it’s coming. … Right?!!? 🙂 It will be a relief to see the ponds full again.

22 07 2020

Here’s hoping that leak can occur a little longer to fill those cachements and give the Basin a good watering!!!

22 07 2020

Thank you!

22 07 2020
Sue Story

Wish that “green” didn’t stop at the Glade…nothing new there. Our “roof” never even leaks! But it looks like things could be good out where you are, TJ; here’s hoping!

22 07 2020

Definitely hoping! The radar has been just downright wrong lately!? I know it’s more showing moisture in the air than maybe actually hitting the ground, but argh! It’s frustrating! We got only a “trace” today (literally only a drop slid out of my rain gauge), and though it was beautiful and sunny and lovely at the end of the day … I’d have taken the rain. 🙂

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