Stopover, Spring Creek Basin style

4 03 2018

Canada goose on roller-coaster ridge pond.

She gets a perfect 10 for nailing her landing. 🙂


And she totally knows how to rock a pose.

Canada goose on roller-coaster ridge pond; Kwana

Not quite synchronized, but we’ll give them props for interspecies partnership. 🙂

Two bands were at the pond with the goose (and though I called it “her” and “she,” I don’t actually know its gender), and they were very interested in her bold vocalizations. She was by herself; hopefully her mate (?) will join her soon. Tis the season.



5 responses

4 03 2018
Maggie Frazier

I hear the vocals from my neighbor’s pond! He has a few geese that spend the entire winter here. Had to be rough this year – just got about 18 inches of snow couple days ago. Rough getting to the bird feeders now! Wish I could send you some.

4 03 2018

I wish you could, too! 🙂

4 03 2018
Sue Story

That is a good looking pond right there – good for the geese and good for the ganders…and good for the mustangs! Another big fizzle on the “snow storm” predicted for today. Hope those ponds hold up.

4 03 2018

Ha – my mom mentioned the goose/gander in an email this morning. 🙂 The early start to the snow may have been a fizzle … and the little that blew earlier didn’t stick on the warm ground (yet?) … but Ma Nature tried to send us some flying white stuff!

5 03 2018

Love the ongoing saga of the Basin!

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