Light ‘n shadow

21 12 2017


Houdini glitters and shines in late-afternoon light that seems meant just for her.

What do they see when they see?

20 12 2017


They see everything.


Sometimes, I see what they see.

Mostly, I wonder at the wonder of the world through their eyes.


Happy birthday to mustang advocate Kat Wilder. 🙂 Thank you so much for your tireless and dedicated support. It DOES make a difference!

The big open

19 12 2017


Comanche looks across Spring Creek Basin toward another band that was moseying in his band’s direction from a nearby pond.

Turning toward the light

18 12 2017

Cassidy Rain; McKenna Peak and Temple Butte

Cassidy Rain sure knows how to pick the background for her fashion shoot on a late-afternoon in the middle of a dry December.

Last light

17 12 2017

Puzzle and Spirit

Puzzle and Spirit make any sunset look gorgeous.


Hot to trot

16 12 2017


Copper struts his stuff around the band he follows as the lieutenant stallion. He’s pretty studly. 🙂

Maia in December

15 12 2017


Maia has places to go and horses to see! She’s a girl on the go.


14 12 2017


Skywalker has a spring in his step on a pretty warm (50s) day in Spring Creek Basin.

A touch of gold

13 12 2017


Alegre grazes in a sea of golden grama grass. We should have had snow by now. Heck, we’d take rain. Moisture of any kind would be welcome all across the region.

Best ears in the basin

12 12 2017


Sweet bay Madison has the most elegant mustang ears!