Shadow on the land

27 09 2017


With a home like that, why would you ever leave?

With good management Shadow – and all her herd mates – never should have to!




5 responses

27 09 2017

Shadow is looking good.

27 09 2017
Maggie Frazier

With GOOD management – she never would have to! Unfortunately, with the current “management” its getting scary. I really feel for the BLM employees who are unable to speak up & tell the real story. I’m sure there are many of them who hesitate – rather than get transferred or fired! I have read quite a few letters & comments from retired BLM people – who do disagree with how things have been “managed”.
TJ, your pictures and stories of the horses in your area do tell the true story!!

27 09 2017
Sue Story

I know that feeling myself – “who would want to leave.” And it is because those mustangs are there, in their home and at peace, that makes that place what it is.

27 09 2017

28 09 2017
Kim Airhart

The majority of American people, myself included, say loud and clear………”The wild horses and burros will remain protected on OUR Public Lands!!!!!”

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