Mules helping mustangs, part 2

14 03 2017


And who wouldn’t smile, to be on a good horse, packing good mules in Spring Creek Basin, Southwest Colorado, on a gorgeous spring day?!

Katy Bartzokis (above) and Glenn Ryan and their horses and mules were back to haul more fencing supplies into the basin for future work, and we had more help in the form of Mike Schmidt and Keith Fox, who came to help Kathe Hayes and Kat Wilder.

So many photo opportunities … so little time to actually peruse the images and select ones for publication! And we welcome Glenn and Katy, Sly and Karmel, and Joey, Karla, Lena, Roz and Skid back tomorrow for another few trips into the wilderness (McKenna Peak Wilderness Study Area, that is). (So someone has to get to bed!)

Locals: Glenn (and Katy?) will be at the Ag Expo at the Montezuma County Fairgrounds this weekend with the mules and horses that made this project happen. If you go, please stop by and heap thanks upon them for helping our beloved Spring Creek Basin mustangs. Their work will enable us to rebuild fence sections without having to carry in hundreds of pounds (1,000 or more? we should add it all up!) of materials. Just one wooden post for an H-brace weighs 50-some pounds.

Many, many thanks!!






4 responses

14 03 2017
Prairie girl

Wow! I LOVED seeing this series. Mules and people project. Perfect!
Thank you!

14 03 2017

Absolutely joyous with the pictures of such a worthwhile project,

18 09 2017
Maria Clayton Lofton

I just wanted to know the number of horses in each of our bands in Colorado at present 9/17/2017

18 09 2017

At any given time, there are about 10-12 bands in Spring Creek Basin’s herd. I really don’t know how many bands are in the other herds …? The other groups to contact would be Friends of the Mustangs for the Little Book Cliffs herd, and Sand Wash Advocate Team for the Sand Wash Basin herd. There’s not an accurate count of horses in the Piceance-East Douglas herd.

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