A hike in the day of a mustang tracker

21 12 2016


This is why I mountain bike (well, and because I love to mountain bike) – to stay in shape to track mustangs. 🙂

Add a couple to a few inches of snow to that 5.62 miles, and 1,116 calories burned seems pretty measly. The temperature is a bit skewed because I carried the GPS in an inner jacket pocket; I don’t think the temp rose out of the 20s.

The green tag shows where I started: on Spring Creek Basin’s boundary along Disappointment Road. From there, I hiked north, then to the northwest. The farthest northwest point is the point at which I realized horses were waaaay over at that easternmost point. (Of course!) So I backtracked my tracks, then followed horse trails and avoided arroyos, heading southeastish, to the little flat loop – which is where the horses were.

The ziggy-zaggy line is where I walked (this was all on snowshoes) the bottom of an arroyo until I cut my original trail and followed it back to the Jeep.


Seeing this handsome youngster (Killian) makes it alllllllll worth it!


20 12 2016


Fresh, fluffy, pillowy snow highlights glowing golden buckskin Winon. She’s such a pale shade of buckskin that usually she looks grey from a distance. Against that snow-white snow, though, her lovely coat gleams!


Happy birthday to mustang angel Kat Wilder! 🙂

Our views are the best views

19 12 2016

Spring Creek canyon from bachelor ridge in Spring Creek Basin.

This view looks across Spring Creek Basin toward Spring Creek canyon and beyond to the northern ridges of lower Disappointment Valley.

La Sal Mountains from Spring Creek Basin.

Clouds clear from the La Sal Mountains on the evening of our big snowfall.

It’s easy to imagine mustangs out there in big country, isn’t it? They were nearby but were more focused on finding and uncovering and eating than in taking photographic direction from the light- and background-obsessed paparazzo. 🙂



18 12 2016


Our fabulous new snow resembles a white-sand beach against a coastal-blue sky.

Except that it was pretty chilly. 🙂 And tremendously beautiful!

Winter beauty

17 12 2016


Tenaz the handsome in his rich, red-bay coat always looks a little startled by the attention he receives. 🙂 No, no, beauty boy – it’s your due!


In outstanding news, after nearly a day of rain (very light), Disappointment Valley (and the surrounding area, I imagine) got SNOW!!!!!!!!! Just in time for Christmas! And to stave off terrible fears of a terribly dry winter.

If I can get into the basin on the snow-covered-over-sloppy-muddy roads – or find ponies via hiking (snowshoeing?!), you’ll see some snowy mustangs in the next installments. 🙂

Ooh la la

16 12 2016

Comanche, Temple Butte

It’s hard. Really. To bear witness to so much gorgeousity.

Really, really hard. 🙂

Comanche and Temple Butte are Spring Creek Basin icons.


Framed in beauty

15 12 2016

Terra and Aurora

Photobombed beauties Terra and Aurora. 🙂 A happy circumstance of mustangs framed by a mustang and their high-desert home.

Beautiful country …

14 12 2016

Temple, Round Top

… Made magic by beautiful mustang Temple. 🙂

Everything needed

13 12 2016

Sundance, McKenna Peak and Temple Butte

Be still my Spring-Creek-Basin-devoted heart.

Mustang (Sundance). Check.

McKenna Peak. Check.

Temple Butte. Check.

Perfection. CHECK!

A face we love

12 12 2016


Handsome Bounce. His is the face of wisdom and a lifetime in wild freedom.