A hike in the day of a mustang tracker

21 12 2016


This is why I mountain bike (well, and because I love to mountain bike) – to stay in shape to track mustangs. πŸ™‚

Add a couple to a few inches of snow to that 5.62 miles, and 1,116 calories burned seems pretty measly. The temperature is a bit skewed because I carried the GPS in an inner jacket pocket; I don’t think the temp rose out of the 20s.

The green tag shows where I started: on Spring Creek Basin’s boundary along Disappointment Road. From there, I hiked north, then to the northwest. The farthest northwest point is the point at which I realized horses were waaaay over at that easternmost point. (Of course!) So I backtracked my tracks, then followed horse trails and avoided arroyos, heading southeastish, to the little flat loop – which is where the horses were.

The ziggy-zaggy line is where I walked (this was all on snowshoes) the bottom of an arroyo until I cut my original trail and followed it back to the Jeep.


Seeing this handsome youngster (Killian) makes it alllllllll worth it!



7 responses

21 12 2016

amazing girl.
Merry Christmas

21 12 2016

Well, no going to the gym for you! I am always amazed at the distance you hike!
Good thing you got to see some horses on the trek. Always a blessing.

21 12 2016
Kathryn Wilder

Just carving another (odd-shaped) heart in the basin… And of course those 5.62 miles were not, like, flat. Many ups and downs in the life of a mustang girl!

21 12 2016

You’re amazing TJ. πŸ™‚

21 12 2016

I love that! “Carving another heart in the basin”!

21 12 2016
Sue Story

I’m impressed, TJ…and a bit jealous too! And Killian in all his “hunkiness” was well worth the effort to be sure – for both you and us! πŸ™‚

21 12 2016

Walking a place is the best way to walk that place into your heart and soul. As many trails as I know, there are always new ones to discover. The best thing in Spring Creek Basin is that all paths lead to mustangs. πŸ™‚

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